20 de junho de 2017

Nucleus of Advanced Manufacturing – NUMA

The Laboratory for Advanced Process and Sustainability (LAPRAS) is part of the Nucleus for Advanced Manufacturing (NUMA), which deals with shop floor related subjects. Currently, it has five CNC machines and a robot, all employed in graduate teaching courses and post graduate researches.

Equipment came from partnership with industries, which the Minister for Science and Technology (MCT) and, lately, with FAPESP – a Sao Paulo State Foundation for Research Support. The OPF lab had received investments of about 4 million Reals (aprox. 1.8 million dolars) in the last four years, in grants and equipment. There are, currently, about 15 partnership going on with industries, institutes and foundations in Brazil and abroad.

The LAPRAS lab also has a membership system for any institution which wants to have access to our research projects. There are several classes of membership, depending on the interest of each member. Projects can be developed in an exclusive and confidential basis, for a group of members having particular interests or in a completely public basis. Fees are charged differently, according to each class of membership.



Researchers of USP-São Carlos, UFSCar, UNICAMP, UNIMEP and University of Aachen compose NUMA, and the headquarter is located at São Carlos School of Engineering at USP.Campus.

The geographical position of São Carlos city, in the center of the state of São Paulo, allows the decentralization of activities mostly concentrated at the capital, whereas in a ray of 200 Km several emergent groups are located, and they can be supported by NUMA.

The city is one of the high technology poles in Brazil, sheltering several already settled industries, of which more than 60 produce high technology items.

São Carlos has two public universities (USP and UFSCar), two research units of EMBRAPA, and two private colleges, reckoning approximately 8 thousand university students and 2.500 researchers.NUMA will be able to support the settling manufacturing companies which are in the Interior, in either São Paulo state or Minas Gerais.