17 de outubro de 2017



Professor Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho

Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho is Full Professor at the Production Engineering Department at São Carlos School of Engineering (EESC) – University of São Paulo (USP). He is PhD in Mechanical Engineering by The University of Birmingham School of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering – United Kingdom (1995), MSc. In Mechanical Engineering by USP (1991), and a Mechanical Engineer by USP (1987). He was a Visiting Professor at McMaster University – Canada (2005). Professor Coelho is a 1C level Researcher by the Brazilian National Council of Research (CNPq) and expert in Advanced Manufacturing processes, especially on Machining and Forming process, HSM, FEM, Metal-based Additive Manufacturing and is the key researcher, who has been leading Hybrid technology in Brazil. He is the current coordinator of the Laboratory for Advanced Process and Sustainability (LAPRAS), at the Nucleus for Advanced Manufacturing (NUMA) at EESC/USP, being co-founder of both LAPRAS and NUMA. His academical and technical contribution to the advances in manufacturing technologies has been shared through the over 200 papers published in journals, conferences, magazines and newspapers, four books, three book chapters and five patents. Professor Coelho has coordinated several research projects from the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP), raising more than US$ 2,5 million invested in manufacturing research and development. He is currently developing research in metal-based additive manufacturing and hybrid manufacturing, combining the technologies of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) and High-Speed Machining/Grinding (HSM/G).


Email: rtcoelho@sc.usp.br 
Phone number: +55 16 3373-8235


Professor Eraldo Jannone da Silva

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho – UNESP (1996), with a Masters in Industrial Engineering from UNESP (2000), and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from EESC – São Carlos, University of São Paulo – USP (2004). PhD Sandwich at the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Engineering (WZL), RWTH-Aachen University (2004), Aachen, Germany. Post-Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering (2006) by Worcester Polytechnic Institute WPI Worcester, USA, developing research activities for the development of abrasive product testing and process monitoring in Saint-Gobain’s High-Performance Materials R & D Rectification Technologies group in Massachusetts, USA (2005-2006). He is a professor at the University of São Paulo USP, Department of Production Engineering SEP, School of Engineering of São Carlos – EESC. He is a researcher at the Advanced Manufacturing Nucleus NUMA, Laboratory of Advanced Processes and Sustainability LAPRAS. Member of the Brazilian Association of Engineering and Mechanical Sciences – ABCM. Main areas of research are: manufacturing, machining, precision grinding, sustainability, monitoring and supervision of machining processes and machine tools.


Email: eraldodasilva@usp.br 
Tel: +55 16 3373-8645